Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teen Self And The Media

     Teen self image also known as body image, which is the way they internally picture themselves, can be a major ordeal particularly during adolescence.Sometimes this causes them to under appreciate their own abilities and interests.This is very bad because some times teen end up hurt because they starve them selfs to get skiny and sometime end up taking drugs to get the body they want and they end up dead.There was a time when being thin was a sign of being in poverty,strickness,and of poor health.  People with genuine low self esteem tend to treat themselves badly not other people.In the 1980’s there was a movement to raise self esteem in schools in the belief that this would stop bullies bullying and prevent future crime in society. But peer reviewed research has shown schools trying to raise self esteem don’t prevent bullies from bullying because low self esteem wasn’t causing them to bully they are just trying to be cool.


  1. yea that is true some people do end up hurting them selfs because they think there ugly and they want a perfect body.

    Ps: you cant be talking about bullys because you are one.

  2. Bryan i agree with you alot because some teens shouldnt starve themselves just to be pretty because there hurting themselves and could end up dead. Great job at you blog! It wouldnt let me veiw the video though :/